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LanternSoft are specialists in financial systems.

We can offer expertise in the architecture, design, implementation, testing and support of a variety of different financial systems, including:

Systematic Trading Platforms for both integrated systems with defined API's and bespoke systems, including
  • Historical Market Data Systems (Cross-Asset)
  • Model frameworks and strategy construction
  • Portfolio construction
  • Quant libraries
  • Order Management Systems (OMS) to place, pesist, manage and control orders to the market.
  • Integration with third-party execution platforms.
  • Integration with quant and trader models written in a variety of different languages (Matlab, Python, C++, VBA etc).
  • Integration with underlying market data systems such as Bloomberg and Reuters.
  • Risk and Compliance systems.
Straight-Through Processing (STP), often a necessity and legal requirement in financial systems. STP means without user intervention and LanternSoft provides expertise in a number of different STP technologies including standard and extended FIX (4.2-5.0) and enterprise event based messaging systems.
Automation in a variety of different scenarios, such as reporting, scheduling, alerting and systems monitoring.
Low latency systems when throughput and efficiency are important factors in a system's requirements.

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